Creating a community asset of enduring value.

The Friends of Ely Park are revitalizing Ely Memorial Park in Lambertville, New Jersey, as a centerpiece of community life, destination for recreation and enjoyment, and a symbol of the city’s distinctive character and quality of life.

Hamilton Fountain

Please honor the work of our friend Jim Hamilton

The Hamilton Fountain

A water feature will honor generations of the Hamilton family, benefactors of the Lambertville community. Surrounding bluestone seating will provide a welcoming gathering place at the South end of the Park.

Please donate to the Hamilton Fountain
Softball Dugouts

Softball Dugouts

The boys have had structural dugouts for years. Now the girls have the snazziest.

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Please Contribute

Please Contribute

Help our kids, teens, adults, seniors, and everyone by making a generous contribution.

Shad Run Winners

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