The Giving Tree Project

About the Friends of Ely Park

The Friends of Ely Park was founded by loyal son of Lambertville, Jim Hamilton. The FEP was granted its non-profit status in 2011. Over that time the mission of this all-volunteer organization has been to revitalize and protect the city of Lambertville’s only dedicated green space and help create a venue where people can connect through shared activities, become more involved and engaged with others in the community.

The Friends of Ely Park sincerely thanks all of the individuals, businesses, and the City of Lambertville for the loyal support they have shown over the years.

Jim Hamilton
Jim Hamilton. Photo: Benoit Cortet

Fence Sign
North Main Street Fence

What Has Been Accomplished?

Among the many accomplishments are the construction of softball dugouts, planting of bushes and trees around the Snack Shack, which was made safer by the installing of ramps and a curved seating area and the installation of pavers creating the Snack Shack Plaza. The FEP also promulgated the installation of brick columns and fencing along the perimeter of Ely Park.

What Has Been Accomplished Lately?

The past 18 month have seen a flurry of activity as identified in three pieces as the FEP has moved towards its finale. The first is the installation of renowned area designer, muralist and long-time artistic collaborator with Jim Hamilton, Illia Barger’s sports themed façade to the Main Street side of the Snack Shack to finish off the area.

The second is the establishment of the Jim Hamilton Camp Scholarship. This scholarship has been endowed with $50,000.00 from the FEP to be administered by Fisherman’s Mark so that five children from financially challenged families can be enrolled in summer recreation programs at no expense to their family. This scholarship will last in perpetuity.

Snack Shack façade
Snack Shack façade

The Giving Tree Flyer


A Final Farewell —
The Giving Tree Project

The FEP’s outro is The Giving Tree Project which is a collaborative effort involving the FEP, Niece Lumber, Rago Auctions and many very accomplished area artists and woodworkers: slabs of the London planetree that once stood in Ely Park have been milled and kiln dried, and offered to some very talented artists who have volunteered to make works of art for auction. These fabulous creations will be included in Rago Auctions’ May Auction. See lot numbers 704-717. Learn more about The Giving Tree Project.

It is with the great appreciation The Friends of Ely Park wish to thank the following artists and woodworkers for their generous contributions:

  • Robert Beck (website) & Ed Murphy
  • Jeffrey Greene Design Studio
  • John Landis
  • Birdie Miller Designs
  • Ed Murphy
  • Mira Nakashima
  • Michael Oates (website)
  • David Robinson — Natural Edge (website)
  • Gene Salerno — Funk and Junk
  • Mark Sfirri (website, bio, resume)
  • Carter Sio (bio/artist’s statement)
  • Shaun Smith — Rustic Red Door (website)
  • David Wilson — Antick

Preview the auction pieces. For details and bidding, visit Rago Auctions’ May Auction, lot numbers 704-717. Learn more about The Giving Tree Project.

The proceeds will be turned over to  The Greater Lambertville Chamber of Commerce for the exclusive purpose of funding the Jim Hamilton Memorial Shad Fest Scholarship which assists high school seniors who seek to pursue a career in the arts and which now includes the culinary arts.

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